Outdoor Playground

Physical Play Park

Getting some fresh air is healthy for everyone - take advantage of our physical play park to get your lungs pumping and your limbs moving. Our playground offers a rich environment for children's imaginations to run wild, so let them have free rein to make up their games and socialize. There's lots of space for running around or structuring your outdoor activities, such as relay races, capturing the flag, or ball tosses. Or, on a lovely day, there's nothing like putting down a blanket and enjoying a picnic before laying back for cloud spotting.

The playhouse is also a great play area for kids to be creative and enjoy different roles and personas. All of our facilities are suited for encouraging children to learn and grow through creativity and invention. But you don't have to be a bystander - our facilities allow for family fun for all ages, so go ahead and get involved with your child's playtime too. They'll be thrilled that the adults will want to spend time with them too and are sure to give you plenty of directions on how to have fun!

Visit Firefly Adventures Retreat, LLC today in Lowman, NY, and see how much fun everyone can have on our playground.